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About us

On September, 2015 the first batch of Sacha Inchi was planted in Hoa Binh province ( Viet Nam ) as trail with 20,000 trees. After demand inreasing from market in quantity and quality, we have spread our area to High Land ( Tay Nguyen ) area of Viet Nam, and currently we have 500 ha in this area. With good soil of Bazan land ( the soil from vocano with million years before),nice weather and hard working from farmer that created Sacha Inchi seed with high oil contained ( 48%) and Omega 3 from 50 -52 %, the seeds per kg from 650 -750 seeds. The our quality of Sacha Inchi have sactify our value buyer from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and China ….

Currently Alibilty
Macca Sachi Tay Nguyen Co., LTD are prouded of leading of Sacha Inchi producer in quality, quanity and service from Viet Nam on domestic and exporting countries, that have high demand of quality and service.
We are improving about techology, field and technical management that we will have ISO, HCCP, HALA …We also have concret relationship with our distributor, market chain, buyer, and importer in domestic and around the world.
We are happy to bring our best quality and service to our partners.